Broadcast your content to Roku Set Top Boxes

For a more traditional TV viewing experience we will configure your network to be able to stream your broadcasts to the popular line of Roku Set Top Boxes. Established as the leader in widely available and affordable Set Top Boxes, Roku is a gateway to get your content into over a million living rooms! Capture just 3% of this existing market at $10 per month for your content and that’s at least $4,000,000 per year! For our press release please click here.

A Set Top Box connects to the internet for the content and connects to a TV via an HDMI, composite, component or S-video cable for viewing. This is like a cable or satellite box, only it connects to the internet through an Ethernet connection instead of to the cable network or satellite via a coaxial cable. If you are interested in a mainstream, multi-purpose Set Top Box that already has market presence then choose from the Roku HD, Roku XD, or Roku XD|S. Buy directly from Roku here.

Custom Brand Your Own Set Top Boxes


Since your network is already branded to you, we can brand the Set Top Boxes that your clients receive to match your network as well. This way your brand always stays out in front of your customers! We put you in touch with the manufacturer directly so you can set the terms yourself. No middlemen in the way – you get the cheapest factory-direct prices! A quantity discount allows each of your subscribers to receive a branded Set Top Box for as little as $99. If you have a different Set Top Box model or brand you’d like to use we can program them to work too!

TikiLIVE Now Compatible with 3rd Party Broadcasters

There are 3 broadcasters built into the TikiLIVE Broadcasting platform. For quick and easy broadcasting from PCs and Macs with no download required, we have the Web Broadcaster.  For a high quality broadcast, the TikiLIVE Broadcaster is available for download onto PCs and for crystal clear HD up to 1080i The HD Wave can be used. If you’d like to test drive these broadcasters sign up for a free demo account here.

Broadcasters like having options. For this reason we have made it easy to use popular 3rd party broadcasters with your TikiLIVE channel or network.

Compatible Broadcasters include:

On a TikiLIVE network the 3rd Party Broadcaster Module will let you configure these other softwares directly from your broadcaster dashboard!

TikiLIVE Custom Branded IPTV Networks

A TikiLIVE IPTV Network can be completely white labeled and re-designed to keep the network operating under your brand. With TikiLIVE you can:

• Broadcast in crystal clear High Definition
• Monetize your content through Pay Per View
• Offer Videos On Demand for easy residual income
• Deploy integrated Advertising for additional income
• Produce TV-like channels with our Channel Manager

For more information about how we can create a custom branded IPTV network with Roku configured just for you, please contact:

Alex Inman | 305-289-4557 |


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