Host Unlimited Domains and One-of-a-Kind Sites

The TikiLIVE engine behind a WordPress site gives your broadcasters the power to create custom, one-of-a-kind websites which lets them stand out. Through domain mapping, these sites can run on their own domain which increases the value of the service with an extra layer of white-labeling.

TikiLIVE Widgets

TikiLIVE features are turned on/off for each page. Keep only the features you want and control the content how you’d like. This Highlights page contains the “Featured Videos” widget.

Auto-Sync Your Content

When content is loaded in your TikiLIVE platform, it is automatically updated in the WordPress site. This example shows Popular Channels which is the Channel page in TikiLIVE.

Full TikiLIVE Features

The full power of TikiLIVE is available in a WordPress site! This template has all the features of a TikiLIVE channel page, with the flexibility of WordPress templates and themes.

Cross-platform Login

Convenient single point-of-access in the TikiLIVE broadcaster dashboard. Simply login to your TikiLIVE account and jump to the WordPress dashboard with a single click. No additional login needed.

Easy-to-Use WordPress Dashboard

Create and manage all of your blog posts in addition to setting up your tailored pages and custom themes.

Guide Your Broadcasters

Preset categories make the setup for your broadcasters quick and easy. With the standard pages already created, broadcasters simply input their information and they’re ready to go with their custom site.

Provide Freedom and Flexibility

Nothing is hardcoded. Broadcasters have complete freedom to create their own pages through their account to suit their needs.

Customized Templates

As the Admin, you create the default templates for your broadcasters. They can elect from your pre-set templates or create their own if they know HTML. We can create these default templates or assist if needed.

Customized Themes

If you want to guide your users how their page can look, create default themes for them to select from. Once created your users can modify them to suit their individual style and needs.

January 23rd, 2012 Posted By admin in TikiLIVE

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