How the LifeCam Cinema by Microsoft sets us apart

All day, every day, we broadcast LIVE from our office in Marathon, Florida using the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam which delivers true 720p HD Widescreen Video. At less than $60, it is a phenomenal deal. If you want to buy one online (and save $20), head to Streaming this broadcast of our office 24 […]

May 28th, 2010 Posted By admin in Streaming Software

Flash Versus SilverLight

Cassette versus CD. VHS versus DVD. HDDVD versus Blu-Ray. New formats mean a new media war. The latest media war is between Flash and Silverlight. Silverlight is Microsoft’s attempt to enter the Web video plug-in world and dethrone the reigning king, Flash. Adobe’s Flash has been the web’s moving image and video display titan for some time, basically the better part of a decade. Recently the likes of Apple (see the iPhone lack of Flash support) and Microsoft have taken aim at Adobe’s thriving success.