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There’s a new interesting streaming social networking product that has been created by the Eyepartner team. TikiLIVE allows anyone to see and share streaming HD video content right from their own off the shelf computers, using their own channel or channels. If you have a message to broadcast, you can say it to the world, right from your own computer. With either Mac or PC, share your videos, commentaries, art, music, opinions, either as a live feed or a taped event. Tell the world what you’re thinking and imagining, with online live commentary and the ability to upload previously recorded content or live video feeds to a broadcast audience. With proprietary hardware and software, and an easy-to-use set of instructions, one can create and customize their own web portals, create an online persona in the TikiLIVE community and share content through such venues as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

You can start a community of broadcasters, with membership, and allow customization of templates by members with templates using Flash (either self-made, or by buying customized professional web template designs). Individual broadcasters can share their thoughts and images on their own channel, and save the content for any time viewing with video on demand. Or, groups of like-minded people can come together to form an online community for whatever interests them, all with their own feeds and interaction in the TikiLIVE community.

The packages for sale allow all you’ll need to start broadcasting web and video content almost immediately. You can integrate YouTube content (or any other video source) into your live or taped feed, including live event feeds.

This software solution is a viable money-making tool, allowing the users to customize content for particular audiences, and bringing potential advertisers what they want, with information obtained from TikiLIVE analytical reports on viewing habits. There are viral marketing add-ons available, and statistics, as you go to figure out what your listeners/viewers are really into. You can broadcast live streaming content with the tools offered, and in-house media encoders ensure your content is automatically encoded to meet HD standards. Once encoded, your content can become a money-making venture, with you able to charge on a Pay-Per-View basis for each and every view. If you’re going to start a community of broadcasters, conceivably you can charge each broadcaster a fee for their participation in your network.

The dedicated network allows you to record and tape, for broadcast later, or broadcast live on a 24/7 basis. There are no time limits or windows within which you’re able to get your content online and available for view. If you want it out now, it gets out now.

You can make it as small or large as you like it. Broadcasters can have from a one-hour to a three thousand-hour loop, with the channel manager. There’s the ability to embed code, so you can share either links to your channels on pages such as Facebook, or upload videos of your web broadcast content with embedded links. Your friends can share the links and potential advertisers will be exposed to your content even more with social networking capabilities.

For more information on Eyepartner Streaming Technologies contact us sales@eyepartner.com

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If you want to receive the latest news in Video Broadcasting Industry please consider subscribing to eyepartner.com by Email or RSS Feed


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