Auto Record Your LIVE Events

Would you like all of your LIVE broadcasts to be available as Video On Demand as soon as the event is over? Our new auto record feature lets you automatically record your LIVE broadcasts from your broadcaster dashboard so you never have to worry about losing your events by forgetting to record them!

The TikiLIVE broadcaster and Web-based broadcaster have recording options built in, but must be activated manually at the beginning of each broadcast. Additionally, many 3rd party broadcasters do not automatically save your broadcast to the server for VOD availability. With the new Auto-record feature it doesn’t matter if you are using one of the TikiLIVE broadcasters or a 3rd party broadcaster (Flash Media Encoder, Wirecast, TriCaster, or VidBlaster) you have this convenient feature available to you. For more information regarding 3rd party broadcasters, please see ourEyepartner Blog.

Konk Broadcasting Network uses both Flash Media Encoder and VidBlaster for their productions, check them out

Track Your Success with Google Analytics

With all TikiLIVE networks you have the opportunity to use Google Analytics to track your network’s success. Google Analytics is implemented by including what is known as a “page tag” which is a hidden snippet of code that you add onto every page of your website. This code acts as a beacon, collecting private visitor data and sending it back to Google data collection servers for processing.

Focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver a Return On Investment (ROI). Do this by targeting your markets and track clicks based on geography. The data is tracked by country, state and even city.

If you want to improve your revenue stream then it’s important to convert more site visitors into paying customers. Once on your site engage visitors and track how they navigate through your site. Loyal visitors are highly engaged with your brand and a high number of these visitors make multiple visits to your site. Good customer retention is key to building consistent revenue – the longer a visitor stays on your site, the more likely they are to buy!

For the latest information regarding Google Analytics, check out their blog here:

Eyepartner Success Story

Shadow Technologies, one of the newest TikiLIVE networks, held their very first broadcast last week.  The event was held for the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and had over 21,000 viewers! To view the event as a Video On Demand, please click here.

We are excited about this partnership with Shadow Technologies and look forward to many more great broadcasts. For more information about Shadow Technologies, please visit them at their website:

For more information on how you can take advantage of these features with your own TikiLIVE broadcasting network, please contact:

Alex Inman | 305-289-4557 |


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