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The Best Alternative to Vimeo and YouTube

Whether you are looking to broadcast your next corporate event or create a professional live streaming channel to generate buzz for your business, TikiLIVE provides a robust and affordable video content solution.  Our services offer distinct advantages when compared with YouTube and Vimeo.   Live Video Streaming TV Broadcasting   As a content delivery platform, […]

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Multicast Video Conferencing Software

Video content providers are constantly looking for ways to improve the way in which they provide services to their customers. As more and more people look to find most of their video content online it is increasingly important for content providers to be able to meet the needs of their growing customer base. While there […]

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HTML5 Video Player For WordPress

The TikiLive platform is a streaming media system that provides the broadcaster or producer with flexibility to create and serve live and recorded streaming content to viewers. The TikiLive system includes the TikiLive HTML5 player that embeds into any web page. TikiLive even provides an HTML5 streaming media player for use with WordPress deployments.

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Webcam to Webcam Software

EyePartner offers you a groundbreaking, leading webcam technology that’s perfect for live entertainment with JamOnCam. JamOnCam is a business solution that allows users the ability to combine high quality chat hosting, video/audio, referral management systems and accounting. Equipped with the latest Macromedia Flash technologies, you will be offering your members exceptional video/audio streaming.

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Software Video Streaming

The benefits of video streaming software in a business setting are innumerable. With internet-based video programs, coworkers are able to connect with one another in a more efficient manner than ever before, and businesses are able to both sell their media productions and advertise their services with the use of broadcast clips. With internet technology being so prominent, video streaming software has proven to be enormously effective in all manners of business and marketing.

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Capture Streaming Video Software

Streaming video continues to emerge as a mainstream technology that allows for widespread distribution of audio and visual material. As a result of high speed network bandwidth, faster computers and more sophisticated capture applications, businesses and individuals have embraced video streaming as a way to efficiently reach audiences on a global scale.

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HD Streaming Videos

Streaming video has taken on a new light now that it can be done in HD. With Eyepartner’s Monster Encoder and TikiLive you can now convert all of your videos to flash and broadcast live HD streaming content on your very own branded channel. Here’s how this works:

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Computer Audio Recording Software

Your search for computer audio recording software stops right here because now you’ve found it!–Lucky you. You’ve stumbled upon software that is efficient, easy to use, not at all costly and user friendly. Not only have you found computer audio recording software, you’ve found software that does so much more. You’ve found software that allows you to stream video live, record your live content, share media files with the world and potentially monetize your shared content all from the comforts of your home. You’ve found TikiLive.