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Useful Hardware For Streaming Video

In the not so distant past, the only way to view a video on the Internet was to completely download the entire file and then watch it on your computer. Video files are large, so at this time, downloading videos required patience and a lot of time. It was fairly evident that this means of watching video content was not particularly effective. The Internet revolution in technology demanded innovation to deliver speed and versatility to video deployment. Enter Streaming Video on Demand (VOD) and Live Streaming.

Online IPTV Channels Used for Disasters and Emergency Preparedness

Towns, cities and governments can provide tailored information without commercial interruption Towns, cities, and other governmental agencies are now using online IPTV channels to keep their citizens informed about preparedness and management during natural disasters or other emergencies . This allows local citizens to access 24/7 information specific to their area without interruption. When Hurricane […]

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Video Recorder Programs

Communicating over the Internet has slowly become a smorgasbord of options. Businesses and consumers can reach one another through email, instant messaging and now streaming media. Streaming media has only become a widespread form of communication in the past six years or so. The mid-1990s saw the emergence of the Internet, but it took until 2005 for widespread streaming media to become practical. YouTube was founded in that year, and it took streaming media to a whole new level. Businesses used the new technology to reach customers like never before. Consumers used the new technology to disseminate information in completely new ways.

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Live Video Recording

Broadcasting live content has never been easier with TikiLive! TikiLive is Eyepartner’s front-running HD broadcasting service that’s offers you an expansive set of tools for managing and producing live HD streaming content. TikiLive provides you with your own branded channel where you can view and broadcast HD content from your desktop computer. Using TikiLive significantly cuts the cost of producing and sharing your video content online.

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Auto Record Software

The convenience that comes along with auto record software can’t be easily duplicated and is a necessity for those looking for seamless and instant streaming ability. With technologies rapid development, the need to stay on the cutting edge in the video and audio industries is becoming more and more prevalent daily. No longer will it suffice to work with software that operates on delayed platforms not allowing for the instant receipt and response to streamed and uploaded HD video content. Those times are ancient. Now, to keep up with our ever thirsty and anxious for instant gratification generation technology must cater to our “need for speed”. Thank goodness the media industry now has HD Wave and TikiLive.

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Video Desktop Recorder – An Easy Way to Keep Records of Streams

People who are involved in the media in any capacity are probably aware that the internet is where the future of the media currently lives. The reasons for this are so numerous that it would be impossible to list them all here. What’s important, however, is that the internet has changed the way people think about mass communication. The old model of communication allowed for people only to watch the shows and broadcasts that were in front of them. You would only need to have a little experience in front of the internet to realize that this tool offers a much more interactive experience. People love to be able to comment, chat, and even vote for their favorite broadcasts. For this reason, broadcasters have to develop more unique and advanced forms of broadcast. You will want to make sure that you are using TikiLIVE video desktop recorder for your broadcasts.

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Video Recording Software

Video Recording Software – Making the Leap to HD and Avoiding Customer Problems If you are looking for video recording software, you need to think about where to start. One of the biggest questions today is whether to go hi-def or not. Cost is the biggest factor right now. You need to sink some money […]