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How Do I Capture Internet Streaming Video

The remarkable evolution in streaming video technology has made it possible for you to see and hear all kinds of content on the internet. You can watch full length movies, cruise around YouTube to see millions of user-produced videos, find television shows you might have missed when they were broadcast, and even watch classroom lectures online. Streaming video has made it possible for businesses and individuals to connect in ways that were unthinkable just a few years ago.

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Ntsc video standard

The short term of National Television Systems Committee – is the standard used in the US for the analog television services and was first announced in 1953. In the next period analog television encoding systems like PAL or SECAM have been developed as alternative options. (standards capable of pushing SD signals). With this standard 30 […]

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Streaming media glossary

Here is a short glossary with the terms you may need to know when streaming live or on demand videos: FPS = framerate, frames per second B = byte = 8 bits MB = Megabyte Mb or Mbit= megabit KB = kilobyte Kb or kbit = kilobit Codec (from coder/decoder) – software and/or hardware used […]

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Pay-per-view concept

Since last year there were rumours in the streaming media industry that a big number of IPTV providers will addopt the Pay Per View (PPV) platforms. Youtube, Vimeo or Hulu are just a few examples. For that reason I will present you here more about PPV. Wikipedia has described Pay Per View as a service […]

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Audio Connections

Here is a list of the different audio connections to complete the audio/video connection types guide. 1. RCA Connection – This is the most common audio input on TVs and many receivers. Signals are sent over two cables (stereo). Signals are analog and quality depends on the quality of the cable and the equipment. 2. […]

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Streaming in HD with the Osprey 700eHD capture card

As the Osprey 700e HD won several awards, including the Streaming Media’s 2008 Readers Choice Award, TV Technology magazine’s 2007 STAR Award and was featured in HD Video Pro magazine’s February 2008 issue, there is no question that the industry is taking an interest in the potential for HD streaming. We have successfully utilized the […]

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Video Connections

There are a lot many types of video connections you can use depending on the available inputs on your TV and the outputs on your PC. That is why I decided to create a list and present each type in detail and the typical applications of each.