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How to Stream Live HD Video Directly from Your Website

How to Stream Live HD Video Directly from your Website   The Internet and all its partnering and supportive technologies have drastically changed our day-to-day lives. Instant global communication, virtually at our fingertips, has created a world in which we interact with one another in ways previously unimaginable. We are now able to communicate from […]

Eyepartner Releases TikiLIVE HD Touchscreen Broadcaster

Eyepartner has released a TikiLIVE HD Touchscreen Broadcaster that serves as an all-in-one portable broadcasting unit. TikiLIVE is Eyepartner’s flagship HD broadcasting platform that provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content.  This rugged, compact broadcasting device gives users everything they need to broadcast, view, and […]

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Live Webcast

TikiLIVE is your own “White Label” HD broadcasting network which gives you a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing LIVE HD Streaming content. The webcasting platform allows you to easily brand a network and go live in SD or HD. Another plus is the ability to manage and monetize your HD content as well as track viewers and click-thru statistics from every channel.

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Stream HD Video

Since 2008, EyePartner has been delivering High Definition (HD) video solutions to clients across the nation. TikiLIVE is the streaming HD networking solution that has been used extensively by marketing firms, music producers, disk jockeys, community orgnaizations, sports commentators, schools and religious groups. TikiLIVE not only broadcasts HD content through customized web portals, but also helps users manage and produce the content that is broadcasted. This product is both affordable and user-friendly for clients.

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Business TV Live

With streaming technology now finding it’s place in mainstream, it is no surprise that the business world has flocked to this new wave. Television is no longer for news and entertainment only. With streaming TV, businesses now have the platform to share ideas, make deals, and host conferences with viewers all over the world. This type of sharing and communicating is made possible with Eyepartner’s TikiLive.

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Live TV Broadcast Online

How often have you changed the channel on your television or scoured tons of websites searching for something stimulating? You’ve seen all the videos of people falling, you’ve heard the worse singers and watched the craziest dancers but you have yet to find what you’re looking for. There has to be something more. You’ve thought about what broadcasting would be like if you just had a chance to share your imagination. You imagine that television online would never be the same. Well, what if we told you that you no longer have to just imagine it? You can finally make it happen with EyePartner’s TikiLIVE!

Live Broadcasting TV

Have you ever thought about broadcasting your own creative content on your very own branded channel? Now is your chance with TikiLive! TikiLive is Eyepartner’s premium HD broadcasting service that provides you with an easy-to-use set of tools to produce, broadcast and manage your own HD streaming content. TikiLive offers you a platform to share your creativity with your viewers. Explore your options. Have a really cool product and you want to shoot a commercial, why not? Know a great band and you’d like to produce and broadcast their music video? You have all the tools you need. TikiLive gives you the opportunity to see a production evolve from idea into conception; this all done while dramatically cutting the cost of producing and sharing video content online.

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Broadcasting HD

With the constant developments in technology, the nature of broadcasting is constantly changing. Gone are the days when television networks and producers were necessary for broadcasting standard quality content. Now, you can broadcast your very own produced, HD content with Eyepartner’s The HD Wave and TikiLive. Does it sound too good to be true? It isn’t. Check out the details below:

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HD Broadcasting

Everyone would love to broadcast their own HD content–let’s face it. You never hear of anyone saying that one of their goals is to get produced; they usually say that their goal is to produce! The great is news that nowadays that goal is tangible and ready to be realized. Even better than just producing, you can now broadcast your own streaming broadcasting content in HD. How, you wonder? With EyePartner’s flagship services HDWave and TikiLive.

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High Definition Broadcasting

Broadcasting in HD seems to be the only feasible option when considering the new waves of technology. In looking to start this venture, you want to start out with the best.

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