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Video Conferencing Chat

Older generations of businessmen used board rooms and conference rooms to conduct business meetings. As the world has grown smaller and communications technologies have advanced, conferencing remotely is now possible. The Internet changed business communication forever with the introduction of email and then webcams, which introduced the possibility of online video conferencing. Business no longer needs to be confined to physical buildings. The Internet has made remote conferencing a reality by making it easier for employees, managers and executives to stay in touch while traveling or otherwise unable to make it to the physical conference room.

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Video Streaming Players

The StreamingBASE Live Conferencing and Events software is a web based streaming media server full of versatile audio and video services. It offers several different tools for creating, maintaining, and distributing media to customers online as well as features to enable live interaction and instant feedback.

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Video Capture Stream

Communication is an essential part of any commercial enterprise or relationship. Fast, efficient communication usually translates into more productivity, greater profits and increased success. The private sector has been helped in this regard by technological advances and, most recently, by the Internet. The Internet itself, with email, instant messaging and online media, has changed the very foundations of most prevailing business models. Streaming media, long a goal of Internet aficionados, used to be a source of frustration for user and developer alike. Today, advances in streaming media have brought it into widespread use in both the personal and professional worlds.

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Live Online Videos

Live online videos are commonly used for presentations, remote instruction, conferences or for dissemination of other information. This method of communication may be useful in educational settings, corporate settings, music production, media, marketing and numerous other types of environments. Live online video is a useful tool that has many implications in everyday life.

Live TV Video Stream

There is something to be said for live TV. It is one of the most organic forms of expression. You get a creative whim and you share it with the world. No huge production, no hassle dealing with lots of equipment; this is just you, your camera, your computer and your viewers. It’s really as simple as it sounds. In order to get started with live TV video streaming you just grab a HD web camera with True 720p HD, sign up for a TikiLive account, invite all of your family, friends and colleagues to view your TikiLive channel and broadcast!

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Internet Radio Streaming

The Internet has made possible a number of technologies and services that would have been unimaginable only a few decades ago. Live chatting, video conferencing, video streaming…all these and more are services that have gone beyond the sci-fi visions of yesteryear and have become almost commonplace in this day and age. One other technology that has made the rounds of the online world is Internet radio streaming, and countless people all over the world are making use of this innovative technology in radical new ways.

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Broadcast Streaming Video

The Internet has revolutionized the way that people communicate with one another, and Eyepartner takes it a step further with innovative solutions that allow businesses to broadcast streaming video easily and efficiently. Eyepartner is a development group with many different, specialized online streaming sites to accommodate social networking, business, and educational needs. They put together webcasting suites that allow flexibility for marketing, conferencing, or training.

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Video Web Conferencing

Not too long ago, a conference involved a group of people huddled around a speaker phone and struggling to hear what parties in other branches and locations were saying. After that, there were the stopgap measures like online webinars or workshops that were generally a one-way street or hybrid setups where the presenter would be online while the audience could respond over their own telephones. Then there were the snoozers like slide presentations or whiteboard sessions that were more likely to put your audience asleep than inspire interaction. Well, it wasn’t all that long ago, but those days are rapidly drawing to a close due to interactive web conferencing.