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Best Internet Protocol Webcasting Services

Live streaming online has seen a huge increase over the past few years.  This is largely due to improved recording equipment and high speed internet making it to the masses.  No longer is the average household in America using dialup internet.   Today’s average internet user has a high speed connection to the internet which […]

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Live Streaming Business Channels

When most people think about live streaming, they think about watching a hilarious video on YouTube or maybe catching up on one of their favorite shows online. This is actually just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the capabilities of video streaming online. Not only have individuals taken to putting all of […]

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Streaming Services – Video Audio Streaming Services

Our current world is changing by leaps and bounds, fueled greatly by a literal online revolution made possible through the introduction of the Internet to the greater public. The expanse and magnitude of these changes is equally immeasurable because at its heart is the evolving expansion of communication itself. The width and breath of technological […]

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How To Use The Internet To Stream Video

We’re now deeply in the age of high definition technology, where viewers and broadcasters alike have a wide range of possibilities for receiving and disseminating information over the Internet. Everyone now can create, manage, and deploy his or her own personalized content through the many platforms that are available in the marketplace today. As the […]

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How To Stream Video On The Internet

Streaming video has arrived and with it, the future of communication. It’s simple to set up and operate, which insures its place in the Internet explosion. As a definition, streaming video is basically dedicated content sent in compressed form over the Internet and displayed by the viewer in real time. With streaming, the Web user […]

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How To Brand Your Network Online

Are you ready to discover how easy it is to brand your own profitable Internet protocol television network? Businesses and individuals all over the world are becoming more aware of EyePartner’s flagship high definition broadcasting platform, TikiLIVE, which is helping to place unique product and ideas in front of the global community.   Affordable Branding […]

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Ways To Stream Videos Online

Streaming video is growing in popularity. Every business is finding ways to integrate streaming video with websites to enhance user experience. Whether streaming video for a live sporting event or to educate the consumer on a new product, concept or service, the tool is powerful and has brought new functionality to numerous websites on the Internet.

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How To Choose The Best Hosting Option

At one time, the only way you could get your own broadcast material out there in the world was to work with a conventional studio or network. This meant the possibility of being paid poorly for your content, enduring limited viewing, or even having it stolen by unscrupulous outside producers.

Flash Streaming Server

The Internet has evolved from a simple text website to media rich content displaying multiple videos at the same time. Most of the people prefer watching news, videos, television shows and movies over the internet. With the introduction of high-end media playing mobile devices, there has been a huge increase in people looking for online video and rich media content. The transfer of such information over the Internet requires highly responsive flash streaming servers which ensure safety of content as well as high speed for the users. The main function of Flash Streaming Server by Adobe is to present a platform over which rich media content can be transferred for multiple users. EyePartner offers numerous live solutions for streaming video requirements with FMS working as the engine for most of these solutions. Some examples of the streaming solutions offered by EyePartner based on FMS engine include TikiLIVE and JamOnCam. This article will discuss the various features of flash streaming servers and factors that influence the overall cost of these servers.

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The One and Only

Eyepartner offers internet broadcasting broadcaster too all businesses. This software, as soon as the installation is finished, is ready to broadcast streaming video from any website. The internet broadcasting video tool allows for the publishing of media to create such products as video chat rooms, video conferences, or broadcast of live or pre-recorded video streams. […]