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High Performance Web Video Server and Hosting Services

The communication revolution of the 21st century is the Industrial Revolution of our time. It has swept through our modern world reorganizing the cultural, economic and social fibers at work in our lives. It has brought with it new inventions, scientific advances, global communication, revolution in working methods and huge changes in our personal lives. […]

August 29th, 2013 Posted By admin in Hosting

Best CDN Video Streaming Services

CDN or Content Delivery Networks are growing in popularity as more people are looking to the internet for all of their video streaming needs. With many consumers no longer subscribing to expensive cable packages, they are looking online for cheaper alternatives to find what they want in terms of video content. Because of this demand […]

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Setting Up Hosting For Video Streaming

Today more than ever, savvy businesses, interested communities, and inspired individuals are creating their own web portals in order to share their unique broadcast content. With the ability to connect and interact directly with an audience through the distribution of live or Video on Demand (VOC) feeds, customers are finding that this is the most […]

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Discount Hosting

Eyepartner provides the highest quality of server hosting while striving to have the lowest hosting costs for streaming media available. Eyepartner is known as the premier streaming media developer so it only makes sense that we can offer the best hosting for streaming media content. Check out the Eyepartner main page to learn about all […]