Eyepartner Releases TikiLIVE HD Touchscreen Broadcaster

Eyepartner has released a TikiLIVE HD Touchscreen Broadcaster that serves as an all-in-one portable broadcasting unit. TikiLIVE is Eyepartner’s flagship HD broadcasting platform that provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content.  This rugged, compact broadcasting device gives users everything they need to broadcast, view, and […]

What Are the Best Live Streaming Websites?

What Are the Best Live Streaming Websites?     It took a mere ten years after privatization of the Internet for it to become an essential part of everyday life everywhere, and there isn’t a part of contemporary communication unaffected. The international communication infrastructure of economies, work, and culture all interact through and are affected […]

December 27th, 2012 Posted By admin in Hardware/software solutions for streaming

Ways To Stream Media And Videos Online

Maintaining connection with a global audience is how businesses and individuals are encouraging interactivity and interest for a host of ideas. Through the creation of their own broadcast channels, anyone with vision can now share his or her thoughts with an audience eager for interesting and easily accessible material. And what better way to do […]

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Content Delivery Solutions

The internet has seen exponential growth, not only in popularity among consumers, but in the ability to provide options for businesses to reach, and hold, their customer base. However, along with expanding capabilities in content delivery, the client’s expectations of quality, reliability and speed have risen to keep pace. Exceptional client-driven content, delivered quickly and securely, has become a primary challenge for providers.

Broadcasting LIVE in HD Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank!

Here in the Eyepartner office we have many computers, several of them acting as dedicated broadcasters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are evenly split between laptops and desktops; we have HP, IBM, Toshiba and Dell computers. It’s an assortment because we jump on great deals when we see them. We prove […]

How the LifeCam Cinema by Microsoft sets us apart

All day, every day, we broadcast LIVE from our office in Marathon, Florida using the Microsoft LifeCam Cinema webcam which delivers true 720p HD Widescreen Video. At less than $60, it is a phenomenal deal. If you want to buy one online (and save $20), head to www.Amazon.com. Streaming this broadcast of our office 24 […]

Eyepartner Releases Free HD Broadcaster Optimized for EMS XtremeRGB Capture Cards

MARATHON, FL., November 1, 2010 Broadcasting LIVE HD video from your Desktop has been a challenge for media professionals, broadcasting networks and corporate businesses worldwide. The ability to capture and manipulate still or motion picture from digital or analog video equipment is mission-critical for many personal or business applications, including education, training, simulation, broadcasting, scientific […]

Eyepartner First in HD Digital Microscopic Broadcasting

MARATHON, FL., November 1, 2010 Eyepartner Inc., is the developer of such streaming video solutions as Streaming BASE, TikiLIVE and a new H.264 HD broadcaster The HD Wave. The HD Wave broadcaster was designed with the purpose of allowing any user to broadcast a high quality H.264 HD stream with minimal hardware. This now includes […]

Eyepartner Releases HD Wave Plug-and-Play Broadcaster

MARATHON, FLORIDA, November 1, 2010. Eyepartner INC, the creators of TikiLIVE and The HD Wave, has just integrated the first Plug-and-Play Broadcasting Unit with their patent pending high definition streaming solution. The broadcaster comes pre-installed with the HD Wave broadcasting software and is ready to start streaming a LIVE HD Video source as well as […]

InstantAction – streaming video games live?

InstantAction recently launched an innovative way to play and share video games online. Their new platform allows users to instantly play and embed video games as you usually do with YouTube videos. This way you don’t need to download any content on your computer then install: the games are embedded into different supported browsers after […]

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