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Flash Media Encoder

Presenters and entertainers have a new tool for reaching their audiences, live, over the internet with The HD Wave Broadcaster. Using a standard retail Windows computer and a video capture card, anyone can send their video across the world in high definition. Pre-recorded content can be mixed in with live video for a professional looking presentation on an amateur budget.

HD Wave is powered by a patented system of encoding video using a standard multi-core processor, then sending it over a high speed internet connection to a central server, which users then connect to. This process, rather than hosting your own streaming media, ensures that a large number of users may connect without having bandwidth issues.

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Flash Media Server Live Streaming

Streaming media first became a well-known technology during the Internet boom of the 1990s. Video and audio content began to be stored at remote locations and broadcast over the Internet. Streaming developed out of this new method. A video or audio player would download a portion of a file. As the downloaded portion began playing, the remainder of the file was downloaded. The idea was the download would always be faster than the play rate. If not, the player would have to pause and wait for the file to download some more before resuming. Ever since, streaming media has evolved into one of the most popular forms of media available today.

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Flash Developer Services

We are a visual species—admittedly so. We are thoroughly entertained by all of the bells, whistles and stimulants that come with video captivating for the eye. Sure, we don’t mind being told some things and we may even consider reading about others. But what we really want, what really is at the forefront of our heart’s desire is to be shown. And don’t just show us anything, make it worth looking at. This is merely a little food for thought as you proceed to create streaming flash video for your personal channels or website through use of EyePartner’s