Eyepartner Releases HD Wave Plug-and-Play Broadcaster

MARATHON, FLORIDA, November 1, 2010. Eyepartner INC, the creators of TikiLIVE and The HD Wave, has just integrated the first Plug-and-Play Broadcasting Unit with their patent pending high definition streaming solution. The broadcaster comes pre-installed with the HD Wave broadcasting software and is ready to start streaming a LIVE HD Video source as well as […]

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Live Flash Streaming

The Internet is always changing, and as such, it’s crucial for businesses to keep up with technological advances. Eyepartner develops innovative solutions for the needs of every business. Live Flash streaming works for all industries – whether your company wishes to broadcast classes, presentations, or religious services. Eyepartner’s streaming services provide flexible solutions to cater to startups and seasoned professionals alike. Just a few of these services are HD Wave, TikiLIVE, RealSAFE, and Gobyt. Eyepartner’s streaming services undergo frequent updates to ensure that both presenters and users will enjoy flawless video quality.

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Streaming Video Solutions

Streaming video content is the premier option for providing interesting content for a viewing audience, running a meeting, or keeping a group of people captivated. There are a bunch of service providers who offer real-time video and taped-previously solutions for a variety of viewing applications, but none of them provide the quality and reliability that Eyepartner has created.

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Media Streaming Software

In modern digital communications, a user becomes a producer. Their message is their media. With an audience across the world on desktops, laptops, netbooks and smart phones, the opportunity for places to share the message is endless, no longer limited by language or geographical boundaries. Media streaming software puts producers in control, giving them the tools to share their unique message of rich content to anyone, anywhere.

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Record Streaming Video from Internet

Streaming video is rapidly becoming the dominant source of information on the internet. This technology enables publishers to send digitized video data to end users with as little bandwidth usage as possible so that servers are not overloaded. There are several different formats of streaming video files, each of which requires different software for playing and recording. Many free software programs will record video files, but in some cases the files cannot be played back without modifying the files first or using other software for playback.

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Texas Stadium Demolition – Live streaming

Aprill 11 was the date when the Texas Stadium has been scheduled for demolition. The big arena is now just a legend as an 11 years old was designated to push the button triggering the stadium explosion. The little boy won an essay contest organized by Kraft and the prize was the privilege to push […]

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Content delivery networks

A CDN (this is the short term of content delivery network) is a system where computers are interconnected on the Net providing content very fast to a large number of users. The process happens by copying the loaded content on different servers, located on multiple geograpical places then directing it to users on proximity criterias. […]

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