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Eyepartner Releases the Newest Version of its “Spooktacular” Monster Encoder this Halloween

The Monster Encoder converts most video types into MP4 or Flash format October 27, 2011 Marathon, Fla.—This Halloween, Eyepartner is releasing its newest version of the Monster Encoder, a turnkey application that integrates seamlessly into a network and converts all popular video types (including AVI, MOV, WMV, etc.) into other formats that can be easily streamed […]

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Eyepartner Named One of Streaming Media’s Top 100 Companies

The Streaming Media 100 Identifies the Most Important and Innovative Companies in the Streaming Media Industry Marathon, Fla.—Eyepartner has been named one of Streaming Media‘s top 100 companies that matter the most in online video. The Streaming Media 100 is an inaugural list of companies that are “the most important, most innovative, and have had […]

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Eyepartner Releases the Latest Version of its HD Broadcaster, The HD Wave v2.1.0

The HD Wave 2.1.0 incorporates RTMP broadcasting to expand streaming opportunities September 26, 2011 Marathon, Fla. — Eyepartner has released the newest version of their high definition software broadcast encoder, The HD Wave, version 2.1.0. The version incorporates RTMP broadcasting, which opens the broadcaster for use with other sites and allows users to broadcast to many […]

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Eyepartner’s New Module Streams Live and Video On Demand Content on All Mobile Devices

The Mobile Device Module plays high quality video on ALL mobile devices including iPhones and Android smartphones Marathon, Fla.—Smartphone users can now view LIVE video streams on their mobile devices thanks to Eyepartner’s Mobile Device Module for network owners. Users can view linear TV stations, live concerts, sporting events, church services and corporate seminars. The […]

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Eyepartner launches module that tracks IPTV viewership and ratings

The Advanced Analytics module helps network owners deliver the content their viewers want. Marathon, Fla. – Eyepartner has rolled out its Advanced Analytics Module that helps network owners track the viewing behavior of their IPTV users. Knowing this information helps network owners tailor their content offering as well as their marketing and pricing strategy to […]

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Eyepartner Launches Quality of Service Reports for TikiLIVE

      QoS reports save both network owners and clients’ time and money in the troubleshooting process Marathon, Fla.—Eyepartner has launched Quality of Service (QoS) reports for their platforms, including TikiLIVE, that allow administrators to access real-time users statistics to troubleshoot issues faster reducing support costs. Previously, network owners had to field calls from […]

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Eyepartner Releases TikiLIVE IPTV Middleware

Marathon, Fla., August 1, 2011—Eyepartner today announced the availability of TikiLIVE IPTV Middleware, a solution that allows flexibility for both network owners and subscribers to customize their IPTV channel selection. Network owners can create and manage channel packages on the TikiLIVE network for a fraction of the cost of traditional middleware. Using the account dashboard, […]

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Eyepartner July Newsletter – RTMP White-Label Set Top Box

TikiLIVE RTMP White-Label Set Top Box   By leveraging the power and connectivity of the Internet an IPTV solution reduces the costs associated with delivering content to your customers TVs. Featuring Live TV support over RTMP, HTTP, UDP, TCP protocols offers the flexibility to offer IPTV, OTT content and Internet TV. The TikiLIVE White-Label Set Top […]

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HD Wave eStore available with TikiLIVE Networks

Eyepartner introduces White-labeled HD Wave eStore With the launch of The HD Wave, there has been a buzz surrounding its availability to be white-labeled. We are pleased to announce that we are offering white-labeled HD Wave broadcasters as an option for all network owners. We will build a branded eStore for each network which will […]

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The HD Wave White-Labeled for OEM and Network Owners!

You’ve broadcasted in standard definition, now it’s time to switch to High Definition with the newly released HD Wave v2.0.1! Eyepartner, Inc. released its new version of The HD Wave Broadcaster, a real-time H.264 live broadcast encoding software solution. This solution is now available to be white-labeled as a standalone software for any OEM or […]

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