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How Do You Capture Streaming Video?

We are currently experiencing a complete transformation in mass media and how information is disseminated and viewed. With the advent of personal broadcast systems, individuals, companies, and groups are streaming video over their personalized channel systems as companies like Eyepartner revolutionize broadcasting. Finding Higher Quality Rich Media Solutions Because our sole dedication is finding faster […]

Flash Streaming Server

The Internet has evolved from a simple text website to media rich content displaying multiple videos at the same time. Most of the people prefer watching news, videos, television shows and movies over the internet. With the introduction of high-end media playing mobile devices, there has been a huge increase in people looking for online video and rich media content. The transfer of such information over the Internet requires highly responsive flash streaming servers which ensure safety of content as well as high speed for the users. The main function of Flash Streaming Server by Adobe is to present a platform over which rich media content can be transferred for multiple users. EyePartner offers numerous live solutions for streaming video requirements with FMS working as the engine for most of these solutions. Some examples of the streaming solutions offered by EyePartner based on FMS engine include TikiLIVE and JamOnCam. This article will discuss the various features of flash streaming servers and factors that influence the overall cost of these servers.

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Streaming Media Video

Although streaming media has been around since the invention of radio and television, it was not until the Internet that the concept was fully realized. Via telecommunication networks, it is now possible to have real time information streamed from one computer to another. For business, education and even long distance socializing, streaming media video totally changes the way we gather and share ideas.