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Live Video Conferencing Software

The internet has done wonders for those looking to connect with friends, family and business associates all around the world. With high speed internet, sheer distance between two people is no longer an issue. With a wide variety of new technologies, people are able to connect with business associates and loved ones all over the […]

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Live Video Streaming Services for Large Events

Live Video Streaming Services for Large Events   Large scale gatherings, sports events, trade shows, conferences, and weddings have become an industry unto themselves. Any event where large groups of people gather together is an event in need of video recording, and by extension, Live Streaming. All kinds of income generating industries have developed adjacent […]

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Enterprise Video Platform

One thing that has become perfectly clear in recent years is that the traditional enterprise office setting is no longer traditional at all. As more and more consumers purchase smartphones and move their documents, data, and even workplace to the cloud, businesses around the world are looking for an effective way to communicate with a workforce that is increasingly distributed throughout a single country or the world. Many of those companies have tried traditional videoconferencing, which permits live communication between a large number of employees, but they’ve walked away disappointed at just how limited this technology is. Indeed, the global nature of the modern economy dictates that a difference in time zones, working hours, and other considerations might make purely live communication unfeasible for most global enterprises.

On Demand Online Video Platform

In the modern era of business and technology, nothing is as essential as communicating with both employees and customers no matter where they happen to be located. As videoconferencing tools and lightning-fast wired and mobile broadband connections become standard technologies around the world, the smart and forward-thinking business needs to embrace tools that enable remote communication in both live and pre-recorded settings. There are many tools to accomplish this, but many of them lack essential features, functionalities, or technologies, which might limit their usefulness and escalate their overall costs to outweigh the benefits. Eyepartner, on the other hand, combines the best aspects of live communication, on-demand content, and high-technology hosting features which makes global communication not only approachable, but logical and high value.

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Flash Media Server Hosting

TikiLIVE is a premiere webcasting solution that allows you to use the broadcasting platform of your choice, as long as it is capable of streaming RTMP or UDP. This includes Adobe Flash, Telestream, HDWave, and others. Using Flash allows your content to be seen on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, but TikiLIVE works on other platforms as well. You can even broadcast to Roku set top boxes. Further, you can work with Roku to personally brand your own set top box for as little as $99.00. Roku will handle the matter for you directly.

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Recording Webcam Software

Video broadcasting over the Internet has become increasingly useful for businesses who are realizing the benefits of cheap remote communication between employees, managers and exec-utives. Increasingly globalized corporations must rely on telecommunication via the Internet to keep their various departments up to speed. From a single headquarters, a company can span a country using the Internet. New industries have sprung up to meet this growing need. High-definition (HD) online video streaming, recording software, re-broadcasting programs and other technologies have all become very popular with companies operating in the new economy.

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Test Embed

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Live Streaming Events

Live streaming events help clients improve their business and educational environments in a number of ways. Clients can improve their business practices by using live streaming events for conferences, customer service, corporate announcements, training and lectures. The implications for live streaming are endless. Individuals in music production or film production may also use this medium. Whether you are a business client or an entertainment guru, StreamingBase can help your company devise a cost-effective solution.

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Audio Web Stream

StreamingBase conferencing software allows meeting participants to communicate via text, audio and video capabilities. Basic web conferencing methods utilize chat and instant messaging programs to host several text-based group discussions. Sophisticated systems exchange visual information using webcams and streaming video. Many of these web conferencing systems make it possible to share documents online.

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Audio Web Video Conferencing

Audio Web Video Conferencing software makes it possible for users to conduct meetings among participants that are remotely connected. There are many advantages to this conferencing system that many businesses are taking advantage of, especially in global markets. Attendees from different parts of the world can hold meetings and incorporate a number of innovative features. Meeting participants can communicate in real time, share desktop across networks, collaborate via the use of whiteboards and utilize text and chat capabilities.

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