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Create Your Own Online Radio Station with TikiLIVE

Thanks to technology growing by leaps and bounds, it’s now possible for a small business to be run entirely on a personal computer from home or even on a mobile device. Enormous processing power has been miniaturized and mass produced to the point where you can upload and download large audio and video files on […]

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Audio Streaming Software for Android and iOS

TikiLIVE has always been known for its amazing high quality video content delivery service, but did you know we also provide hosting and content delivery solutions for audio? We have a better than radio platform for serious DJ professionals. Now you can take your DJ broadcasting skills to the next level with TikiLIVE. We have […]

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Eyepartner’s TikiLIVE Launches a New Affiliate Program for Promoters

$10,000 Shout-Out Giveaway Will Kick Start the Affiliate Program Marathon, Fla. — Eyepartner has launched a new Affiliate Program for promoters on TikiLIVE, its flagship HD broadcasting platform that provides its users with a comprehensive set of tools for producing and managing live HD streaming content. The TikiLIVE Affiliate Program allows affiliates to earn recurring […]

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Best Ways To Do Live Audio Streaming

Staying ahead of the curve is our motto at Eyepartner. As the nation’s premiere software development and hosting company, we pride ourselves on our user-friendly web and video publishing tools that allow clients all over the world to connect with each other. Inform and Captivate with TikiLIVE   When it comes to bringing information, entertainment, […]

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Video Conferencing Software

TikiLive is live broadcasting software that can be customized to fit your unique needs. No matter if you want standard or high definition, pre-recorded or live content, TikiLive can be tweeked to match your specifications. It starts with a free software plugin courtesy of your free TikiLive broadcaster’s account. The plugin will give you the […]

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Video Chatting Softwares

With the newest developments in technology, it is now possible for us to connect with business colleagues, loved ones and family members all by way of video chat. Video chat software has single-handedly bridged the gaps of distance by allowing users to get face-time all while miles and miles apart.

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Audio Software Recording

Recording audio software is a dime a dozen. There is certainly no shortage of offers for recording software promising to do amazing things with little to no hassle. Not only is most of this recording software promising to do these amazing things, they are also promising to do these things at little to no cost and in a timely fashion. What happens is that you trust the promises of the software, you begin to utilize the software with high hopes that it will do everything that it promised and more then you realize that the software falls short. Back to the drawing board you go in search of software that does exactly what it states, how it states. The cycle stops now.

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Digital Audio Recording Software

There is an abundance of digital audio recording software out there. You’ve likely come across it all. The problem with most of the software that you’ve come across up until this point is that it hasn’t encompassed all that’s needed to achieve what you’d like with digital audio recording. You’ve considering giving up on your search but thought you’d take just one last stab at it before completely throwing in the towel. It is at this very point that you end up here with Eyepartner and let us just tell you, you couldn’t have come to a better place.