TikiLIVE v4.0

TikiLIVE v4.0 HD broadcasting platform is now live on tikilive.com with the latest responsive bootstrap template, integration of Facebook comments and social widgets. TikiLIVE now looks fantastic on your desktop browsers, mobile phones, tablets and more! Some of the hottest new features include increased seo markup, fast sign up & login with Facebook open id and simplified content sharing with social buttons. For a full list of features visit tikilive.com/features. For information on white labeling or upgrading to v4.0 please Contact us.

The Honey Hutch

Join Amy at The Honey Hutch where they specialize in local and specialty honey of three different types; Wildflower, Gallberry, and Tupelo. Their honey is PURE, harvested by hand, and never processed. It is completely natural and raw, no additives, and is not filtered, which in turn allows for better health benefits. Pure Tupelo honey is produced in only three river valleys in the world; Ogeechee, Apalachicola, and the Chattahoochee River Basins, all located in Northwest Florida and Southeast Georgia. Contact us today for more information and your very own specialty order shipped to your door.

Pixovi Movie Network

Pixovi Movie Network brings the cinema experience to the living room. Built as a way to bring film festivals to more viewers, Pixovi has expanded to offer other features including private movie screenings. The CinaChat module allows their viewers to have a realistic movie theater experience and chat with friends during the movie without disturbing anyone. Contact us for more information.

Incentive Travel Channel

Welcome to Incentive Channel TV where they specialize in Destination Broadcasting! IncentiveChannel.tv is an online TV channel created to bring you the latest broadcasts in “Stunning HD Quality” and some of the most attractive destinations in the world. Our broadcasts are also available on the web, iOS Devices, Android Devices, Roku STB and so much more! Of course, this could not be done without using Tikilive’s amazing services and customer service! Contact us to find out how you too can provide stunning Destination Broadcasting!


CRN Digital Talk Radio

CRN Digital Talk Radio has been on air since 2008 and is still growing rapidly. With seven different stations to choose from, over one hundred hosts, and a large variety of topics to choose from, the CRN team has you covered from cooking, to sports, and beyond. The daily schedule is always filled with one show or another so you’re able to find something that you can listen to and learn to love.

Woody J Radio

Woody J Productions has now put Woody J Radio on the web and we have several channels with multiple different types of music genres that will stream live 24/7. Starting out, there are four stations on the Woody J network and as we look forward to building these stations further, we also look forward to your input of what you would like to see from us. Contact us to leave a reply or for more information.


3AngelsLive is 3AngelsTube’s front-running HD broadcasting service that’s offers an expansive set of tools for managing and producing live HD streaming content. Utilizing the Template Manager in the Administrator Dashboard they have transformed the stock TikiLIVE template into this light and graceful site which suits their content perfectly. Check out a promotional video by clicking here.. For more information about customizing your own TikiLIVE network please contact us.

City of Marathon

The City of Marathon utilizes TikiLIVE and our WordPress plugin to manage their website. Expensive webmaster service plans are a thing of the past with this easy-to-use and affordable service. The templates are customizable and the LIVE and VOD content automatically syncs with the TikiLIVE platform for a custom and interactive experience. For more information about utilizing TikiLIVE services for your community please contact us.

Big Sky Filmworks

Using a camera attached to a CineStar8 advanced, stabilizing aerial camera platform, the Big Sky Filmworks team specializes in aerial filming, photography, and post production. With the latest technology and our air born camera, we’re able to provide clients with HD footage, capturing subjects in ways never imagined possible. Unlike the high cost of traditional methods for obtaining aerial photography and film, the CineStar8 is a cost effective solution. What used to cost thousands of dollars to do now is well within your budget. Contact us for more information.

Florida Keys Reel Adventures

Welcome to Florida Keys Reel Adventures! This is your place to build your custom Florida Keys vacation adventure. The Middle Keys and our Islands of Marathon are home to the best saltwater fishing in the world. Our coral reefs and wrecks offer spectacular diving opportunities and Marathon is now quickly becoming a top ranked ecotourism destination. For more information about how the WordPress Plugin can atract more business please contact us.

Marathon City Marina

RealSafe.TV has been deployed for the Marathon City Marina to keep a watchful eye on beautiful Boot Key Harbor. The camera is set up on an automated tour of the harbor, offering successive shots of different areas of the harbor. The dockmaster then has the ability to take control of the camera to take a closer look at anything suspicious. For a security application like this, please Contact us.

Therapy Hub

Therapy Hub brought to you by SupportGroups.com offers immediate access to counselors and therapists with diverse specializations. Built on our JamOnCam platform these sessions are billed by the minute and are offered as “walk-in” or through scheduled appointments. For more information about how we can create a custom solution for your one-to-one sessions, contact us for more information.


Former NFL star Brian Mitchell has his own sports network aptly named BMitchLIVE. Located near Washington DC where he spent most of his professional career, he focuses on the local sports team but also tackles the national sports scene through his sports recap shows. For more information about how TikiLIVE can help you reach your fans and expand your brand, please contact us for more information.

Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion utilizes StreamingBASE to offer a customizable web-conference to its clients. Set up as a multi-level marketing company their broadcasters receive a portion of revenues generated through referrals. For more information about how you can incorporate StreamingBASE or use Eyepartner products for multi-level marketing, please contact us for more information.

PTN Media Group

Eyepartner’s latest television broadcast network! At PTN Media Group, they specialize in offering Hindi and Punjabi content to viewers worldwide. They deliver the content via the web and OTT (Over the Top) using the popular Roku box. For more information about creating a broadcast network of your own, please contact us for more information.

Niagara Falls Live

Niagara Falls Live is an entertainment research site dedicated to the Niagara Falls area for both the United States and Canada. They feature local hotels, bed and breakfasts, casinos, restaurants and tours as well as make travel arrangements. They utilize Eyepartner broadcasting to encourage visitors to come to their site and plan their vacation. Contact us for more information.

AccessConsciousness TV

Access Consciousness offers LIVE Pay Per View events and high-end seminars for their clients. This is a stock TikiLIVE Platform with the included logo integration. Let us know how we can build an iPTV solution for you! Contact us for more information.


TikiLIVE is a huge hit with EllisMania! Check out how you can broadcast yourself in a unique live show with LIVE SD or HD streaming capabilities. Add Pay Per View or a monthly subscription to access the videos and you are set up to have a profitable iPTV broadcasting business. Contact the EyePartner design team to custom brand an entire TikiLIVE solution for you!

Vdate Online

VdateOnline.com is a 100% FREE Dating Site available for Singles Worldwide. They offer Personal Ads, Interactive Video Dating, and Live Video Chat. VdateOnline.com is growing because they offer something no other online dating site can: free profiles, communication, and live video chat. Let us build an interactive site customized just for you. Contact us for more information.