TikiLIVE Better than Radio

We have just released the ALL NEW Better Than Radio platform for the both serious and aspiring DJ professionals. With TikiLIVE, you are now able to stream HD audio to any device including iPhones, Android devices and even tablets!

Expand your reach beyond desktop browsers and start building your sponsorship today! It even includes social integration so you can broadcast on social networks like Facebook and Twitter with the radio’s built in HTML5 player. Instantly find out who’s listening to your tracks in “real time” and keep track of each “play” or “listen” with our QOS reports from your account dashboard.

There are over 500,000 tracks to play in our pre-uploaded audio library – the wait is over! Go LIVE with your own mix and setup playlists in minutes. CLICK HERE for MORE INFO!



Virtual DJ Windows LogoApple Logo


Voted the Best DJ Software of 2013, Virtual DJ lets its users sound like a professional DJs without the expensive cost of all the proprietary equipment usually required for mixing audio.

Their interface can support up to 99 decks for a maximum experience and even includes digital turntables with vinyl emulation for users. This emulation helps in preserving the hands-on feel of DJing with vinyl while allowing playback of audio recordings not physically available on records, allowing DJs to scratch, beatmatch, and perform other turntablism that would be impossible with a conventional keyboard and mouse computer interface.

Virtual DJ functions by sending your streams to TikiLIVE’s streaming servers so any audio is delivered perfectly to stream on your radio channels. MORE INFO!




Winamp Windows Logo Apple Logo

Winamp is generally used as a media player for Windows-based PCs. With the downloadable live streaming plugin users are able to utilize this application to capture the audio playing from the program and broadcast it to their TikiLIVE radio channels. Users can even attach a microphone and use Winamp as a broadcaster for their talk shows and podcasts.

The Winamp application is highly customizable so each individual user can alter their settings and views to how they like it. Different settings are available for Winamp from multiple skins to plugins. They also include different effects for the broadcaster to use such as fading transitions between playing songs. MORE INFO!


SAM Windows Logo Apple Logo

Streaming Audio Manager, or SAM, is an Internet radio broadcasting application with the main feature functionality for running a live radio streams from a single computer. It can be used to run live shows to broadcast audio through a mic, or even as another mixing software with DJs selecting the tracks and mixing the sounds.

This application even offers listener counts displayed as a graph in the Graphical User Interface (GUI). There are also other reports that are available for the broadcaster to take advantage of so they can be sure to keep track of all their statistics. SAM Broadcaster is used for many popular events such as South by Southwest. MORE INFO!



Mixxx Windows Logo Apple Logo Linux Logo

Mixxx allows for the use of mixing music using their downloadable program as a DJ would with physical equipment and more specifically suited towards beatmatching. It can read most popular audio formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, AIFF, and FLAC. This is a great alternative for Mac users without access to a Windows PC to broadcast radio through your TikiLIVE channels.

This program is one of the first free and open-sourced applications in the Mac App Store. In less than 48 hours since it went live in February 2011, Mixxx has become the #1 Top Free App in the USA, Germany, and Italy. MORE INFO!



Mobile Broadcasting with Papaya Apple Logo

Papaya is a broadcaster you’re able to use from your mobile Apple device. There’s no need for a computer with this app and it only takes moments to set up with your given credentials.

This app captures the audio from the internal mic of your iPhone or iPad and streams an MP3 encoded audio file to your streaming TikiLIVE channel. You only have to set it up once so once your input the configuration your can start and stop whenever you want, on the spot, allowing you to stream audio LIVE in seconds! You can even save different configurations for broadcasting on different channels.

Turn your iPhone into a radio station using Papaya as a source for TikiLIVE’s streaming server. MORE INFO!