Start your International IPTV Business with TikiLIVE Today!

TikiLIVE is pleased to announce our out of the box solution for streaming FCC approved premium content to international communities and regions. By utilizing the TikiLIVE International IPTV solution our clients are able to quickly deploy a complete IPTV solution with premium USA content and monetize it through their customer base. Some minimum subscription volumes may apply.

Please contact us or call one of our IPTV experts at 305.289.4557 to discuss your international IPTV business opportunities for in-home and multi-dwelling deployments.


TikiLIVE Becomes a Dish Network Private Cable Operator

TikiLIVE is very excited to become an official Private Cable Operator for Dish Network! We are now able to offer the complete premium channel lineup to multiple dwelling housing, government facilities, schools, campus dormitories, and places of business.
Our IPTV TikiLIVE platform provides a software based middleware solution which allows businesses to deliver premium content in the most cost efficient manner.
If you would like more information about our platform and the Dish Lineup that may be available to you, please contact us or call 305.289.4557.



WordPress Shopping Cart

Allow your clients with access to the wordpress dashboard to set up and sell items within their own shopping cart. Tracks shipments of physical goods as well as enables digital downloads of digital goods.




TikiLIVE HD Broadcaster with Touch Screen!

Plug and play design. Quick setup plug and play ready to go LIVE. Simply plug in your broadband network, HDMI camera, DVR or Switch Tap the screen and start broadcasting” . These rugged units are ultra-quiet and come complete mouse and keyboard. There is no longer the need to rent. A professional grade broadcasting machine you have it all in the TikiLIVE HD Broadcaster! Record to the local hard drive included or to the network in Mpeg4 for fast and easy editing. Inquire by contacting us or call 305.289.4557


“NEW” TikiLIVE HD Broadcaster $1,899
PCIe HDMI Capture Card Included
Monitor Touch
Processor i7 3.40GHz
Hard Drive 1TB
Preinstalled Software The HD Wave

Live Broadcasting Made Easy!

Using TikiLIVE individuals can broadcast (and view) streaming HD content from their desktop through their own branded channel. The implementation of the TikiLIVE platform dramatically cuts the cost of producing and sharing video content online. Whether a community, business or individual, TikiLIVE can save you money while making you even more money. To test-drive TikiLIVE, sign up for a free broadcaster account here. TikiLIVE has been made simple to understand, even for someone without computer knowledge!

TikiLIVE turnkey package includes all of the web and video publishing tools needed to start broadcasting today. With TikiLIVE you have everything you need at your fingertips to quickly and easily get video content on the web. Contact us about a customizing a TikiLIVE Network just for you!



Broadcast Live on Facebook

Stream LIVE and VOD content on Facebook in HD. Facebook users click on the thumbnail of a channel or VOD’s posted link that will immediately launch the player inside the Facebook page.


Middleware Subscription Billing Module

Compete head-to-head with major TV providers with TikiLIVE and the IPTV Middleware.

For a fraction of the cost that it takes to set up a traditional network you can create and manage channel packages as the admin of an IPTV platform.

Set retail prices for individual channels or bundle them together to create entertainment plans for your customers.

The middleware allows you to manage your subscribers, track content owner royalties and create financial reports from the simple-to-use admin dashboard.






Electronic Program Guide Module

No IPTV network is complete without an interactive program guide. Your Electronic Program Guide (EPG) is automatically populated with channel and show information for all of your licensed content.

Pull content data from all around the world and organize it for easy searching or browsing.

WordPress Module

The TikiLIVE engine behind a WordPress site gives your broadcasters the power to create custom, one-of-a-kind websites which lets them stand out. Through domain mapping, these sites can run on their own domain which increases the value of the service with an extra layer of white-labeling. T

Utilizing the TikiLIVE IPTV platform and the WordPress module, Our clients have created a platform for their broadcaster to have seemingly white-labeled sites of their own while maintaining all of the content on the main site as well. Our clients monetize the platform using the Package Management to sell channels to users looking to broadcast LIVE and sell training videos.

Set Top Boxes

Broadcast your content to Roku Set Top Boxes

For a more traditional TV viewing experience we will configure your network to be able to stream your broadcasts to the popular line of Roku Set Top Boxes. Established as a leader in widely available and affordable Set Top Boxes, Roku is a gateway to get your content into over a million living rooms that already have a Roku box.






Custom Brand Your Own Set Top Boxes

Since your network is already branded to you, we can brand the Set Top Boxes that your clients receive to match your network as well. This way your brand always stays out in front of your customers! We put you in touch with the manufacturer directly so you can set the terms yourself. No middlemen in the way – you get the cheapest factory-direct prices! Purchase private brand boxes for your clients. STB are inexpensive for under $70 each (quantity discounts may apply). If you have a different Set Top Box model or brand you’d like to use we can program them to work too! Click here to read about our ongoing collaboration with the Roku Development Team.

See a preview of our White-Label Set Top Box GUI below.




live preview


Broadcasting to Apple TV Set Top Boxes With AirPlay

Configuration is available to stream broadcasts form iPad’s, iPhones and iPod touch to Apple TV Set Top Boxes with airplay allowing viewers on the go to pick up watching broadcasts on their HDTV at home without missing a beat.


Channel Manager for web and HTML5

The “Channel Manager” allows users to publish video and audio into playlists – complete with integrated advertisements – by seamlessly dragging and dropping content into the channel lineup. The Channel Manager makes it easy for anyone to manage an unlimited number of Standard or High Definition channels and playlists that can be transcoded to be delivered over various device players such as HTTP, Flash, Silverlight, iPTV Set top boxes, iPhone/iPads as well as other popular mobile devices.


The Channel Manager is a server based H.264 streaming solution that requires absolutely no proprietary hardware. The software was designed to manage content timelines easily on the fly, and in real time, allowing the content producer to ingest LIVE breaking news or sponsored media spots at any moment. Try the Channel manager FREE with a broadcaster account.

Sign up here.

Social Media Tools

Chat, messaging, and blogging are built into TikiLIVE which allows viewers to comment on videos they see in real time.

These functions can be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and virtually any other web platform. This allows viewers to establish a dynamic presence in the TikiLIVE community and bring in additional viewers through the use of social media sites.

Contact us to find out how our clients are utilizing TikiLIVE Networks to escalate their content distribution.




Broadcasting to Mobile Devices

The proliferation of Smartphones and the ever-increasing internet speeds to them have made viewing videos anywhere at any time has now been made a reality.

Our HTML5 Mobile Module for White-Label TikiLIVE Broadcast Networks makes your content available at your audience’s fingertips where ever they are, giving them access anytime.

Your live broadcasts will reach those on the move who are unable to be at a computer or TV when the event is happening.

Videos On Demand is available too for viewing and sharing with family and friends while on the go. Viewers can now access your content anywhere at anytime!


Ads Module

TikiLIVE allows the site owner to monetize their network by inserting both video and pop-up ads directly in their players.

Site administrators can set up broadcaster specific campaigns or distribute an ad to the entire network. Capping impressions also allows the site administrator to sell a pre-determined number of impressions for a particular campaign.

With a custom network of your own, you control the advertising. Check out our current white label packages here.



LIVE HD Professional Broadcasting Solution for Less than $1K


At TikiLIVE we are constantly looking for ways to help our broadcasters find the most cost effective solutions that will help them create great looking content and Broadcasts, that said we are proud to introduce the most affordable solution we have found.We have recently tested the ATEM Television studio with our HD Wave Broadcaster on our TikiLIVE Platform and we were blown away by how powerful this device was and how easy it was to set up and start broadcasting. It came with the ATEM Control Panel software rack full with all the features mentioned above.
You can have up to 6 HD video feeds giving you a good deal of options check out this solution today at to see if it is right for you.


Custom Channel Page Designer

With a complete back office work flow management system included you will be able to control your brand, manage your streaming content and generate revenue through your own custom branded players and pages.

TikiLIVE allows you to replicate sub sites with an easy to use graphical user interface.

It’s easy to get started and design a channel according to your business profile.




Viewer Analytics

TikiLIVE offers a range of sophisticated analytic tools which record viewer habits and statistics for every channel. This feature makes monetizing content and building your brand easy.

View the daily, monthly and yearly bandwidth spent as well as the number of viewers for your channel at any time by accessing the Statistics in your Dashboard. This gives you a great sense of where you stand with your viewers and how popular your content is.

Match up the content with the appropriate marketing messages to deliver the best ROI to your sponsors. TikiLIVE’s detailed tracking allows broadcasters to get to know their viewers by location and viewing habits; ideal for niche marketing.


Live Chat Rooms

A Chat room is available for each channel so you can easily get in touch with your audience and share exciting news.

Users can also interact with each other and comment on your show while watching the live broadcast. The chat is a great method.







TikiLIVE Better than RadioRadio

We have just released the ALL NEW Better Than Radio platform for the both serious and aspiring DJ professionals. With TikiLIVE, you are now able to stream HD audio to any device including iPhones, Android devices and even tablets!

Expand your reach beyond desktop browsers and start building your sponsorship today! It even includes social integration so you can broadcast on social networks like Facebook and Twitter with the radio’s built in HTML5 player. Instantly find out who’s listening to your tracks in “real time” and keep track of each “play” or “listen” with our QOS reports from your account dashboard.

There are over 500,000 tracks to play in our pre-uploaded audio library – the wait is over! Go LIVE with your own mix and setup playlists in minutes. CLICK HERE for MORE INFO!



We offer complete Blue Printing of IPTV Delivery

Need to ingest premium channels to your platform and get to market quickly? No problem as our specialists will assist you in down-streaming, transcoding and testing your HD content. We provide a full range of streaming consultancy service to bring your streams LIVE and ON-AIR. We work with various teleport services and provide the following:

  • Transmission via C & KU band to domestic and
    international satellites
  • Video, audio, data, and IP Transmission
  • Fully Redundant Fault Tolerant Systems
  • DVB compliant video transmit and receive
  • Analog Video transmit and receive
  • Multiple OC-48 fiber optic connectivity
  • Intelsat approved service
  • Over-the-air television on Internet connected devices