Steps to Use Channel Manager

  • Create a new channel
  • Upload and encode your videos
  • Add a new playlist
  • Edit the playlist details
  • Manage playlist
  • Ingest commercials
  • Play out playlist
  • Update the playlist “On-the-Fly”


Easy to Use Drag and Drop Interface With On The Fly Integration

With the easy to use Drag and Drop interface and On The Fly integration, users are able to easily create playlists utilizing the content from their media library. It’s as simple as click, drag, and drop allowing users to insert both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) ready content. This way you are able to add and remove content from your channel lineup with ease and no complications. On-The-Fly live data integration provides the ability to swap old or unwanted content so that your channels can stay fresh and up to date. With the Channel Manager’s tools, you can do this by clipping and adding content swiftly for real time breaking news or advertising updates. The Channel Manager is even touch screen supported so that it can be used on smart devices.


Upload and playout your Video On Demand content as linear “TV-like” schedule

Users have the ability to build unlimited scheduled programming for playback on multiple devices. You’re able to take the content from your media playlist and insert it into the timeline for easy and compatible viewing. The timeline can be altered to that it may contract to view the complete playlist, or expand to view a specific point for playout. This, combined with the use of a roku device, provides the ability to display and playout content in a linear format similar to that of cable television.


Set Top Boxes and Your IPTV Network

Using a Set Top Box (STB) device with Channel Manager allows its users to create their own unique IPTV network. It can send out live streams, provide VODs similar to a DVR, even set up scheduling for playout in a TV-like manner to be viewed. This can be done either with our own White-Label STB which can be branded with your own logo and redistributed, or through a Roku device where anyone with Roku can access your published content.


Ingest Your Commercials to Monetize Your Playlists!

Advertising is made easy with the Drag and Drop and On The Fly interfaces. You can insert your advertising content between videos using Channel Manager, or with the split tool, insert it in the middle of a video. Combine this with pre, mid, and post roll pop up advertisements to maximize monetization through your account. The Drag and Drop interface makes it easy to insert certain ads per playlist and the On The Fly integration makes it simple to alter these advertisements so that content may be relative to your current aspects. These advertisements can then be linked to our advanced analytics which can track impressions, distributions, and click-throughs to provide full monetization. As per monetization, Channel Manager can also be used to play into a scheduled event on your channel, then set a price for the event using the Pay Per View option on your videos or channel.


Pseudo-Live Capabilities

Channel Manager allows its users to be online even when you aren’t broadcasting. All that’s required is that users upload their content, encode it with Monster Encoder for best results, create a playlist, add your encoded videos, and assign the playlist to one of your channels. From this, your audience will be able to view your channel as if you were physically live. These playlists can even be scheduled to play out at set times keying into setting up a TV-like schedule. It may also be used to keep your channel running twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by lopping playlists for continuous playback.


Digital Signage

The TikiLIVE Channel Manager can be used as a digital signage solution to be displayed virtually anywhere. Retailers have the ability to coordinate on-screen messages in a specific location to display content. With only a few hardware components and the Channel Manager, you are able to utilize IPTV technology as a broadcasting method for digital signage. Channel Manager sets content in a playlist to be played out, then distributed onto displays using devices such as out HTML5 White-Label Set Top Box. These networks can be used to show promotions, what’s new or upcoming, and display promotions. Advertisement can go hand in hand with digital signage and thus results in even more monetization as a reliable revenue source. Then using the Drag and Drop interface and On-The-Fly integration, new signage or ads can be swapped out with ease and no hassle, even providing multiple types of content per display.