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TikiLIVE Enables Live and VOD Streaming for Local Government Events and Meetings

In an effort to offer our services to the community, TikiLIVE is proud to announce that several of our local municipalities are using our services for Live and VOD Streaming of their local government events and meetings.   Two local cities in Florida that are already enjoying the benefits of video streaming are Marathon and […]

What Eyepartner Has Learned from Product Reviews

Since the day Eyepartner came to be, it has always been our company’s #1 goal to provide the best streaming solution available on the market. While it is most definitely a constant goal for our customers to be satisfied (as is the case with almost any business), there has been a small group of people […]

Review Eyepartner Products and Tell Us What You Think

At Eyepartner, we’re constantly working to improve our products to offer the best customer satisfaction. While we have all sorts of quality control processes in place within our organization to catch bugs and issues, we can never be perfect. Our clients are often the ones who are able to shine light on any issues that […]

Eyepartner’s New Products: What You Need to Know

At Eyepartner we’ve been hard at work over the past few months releasing several new products and features that we’re excited about. In the video streaming arena, it’s important to always be improving and innovating and at Eyepartner we work hard to always listen to feedback from our clients and use it to improve our […]

5 Ways Broadcasters Use Eyepartner’s TikiLIVE Products

At Eyepartner one of the fastest growing areas of our company are our TikiLIVE products. TikiLIVE is an extremely easy to use streaming platform that allows users to stream high quality video and audio content online with little to no experience with complicated streaming technologies. In fact, TikiLIVE allows anyone with nothing more than a […]

An Interview With Eyepartner’s CEO Tim Green

Eyepartner is a software development and hosting company that creates rich media solutions and enterprise broadcasting software. Always on the search to make these technical solutions easy for the layperson to use and facing some serious complaints from users, we recently sat down with CEO Tim to green to ask a few questions about what […]

Eyepartner Reviews: See What Our Customers Have to Say!

At Eyepartner, we are constantly working to improve the features and usability of our wide variety of services, but we know that without our incredible customers our successes would be few and far between. We are always in contact with our customers to listen for feature requests and ensure that our streaming services are reliable […]

How Eyepartner is Addressing Complaints From Users

At Eyepartner, it is and has always been our goal to offer the best possible level of service to our growing list of customers. Unfortunately, as is the case with many businesses, some users may not always be entirely satisfied with the service that a business has provided for a variety of reasons. While it […]

An Open Letter to Eyepartner Victims

Dear Eyepartner Victims, We’ve heard your complaints. And while we’d like it if no one ever had a negative thing to say about us, we know that’s just not realistic. So today we wanted to take some time to address your concerns. If you finish this letter and feel that your specific issue still hasn’t […]

Eyepartner Complaints: How We’re Improving Our Service

At Eyepartner, we take the complaints and concerns of each of our clients to heart and we are always working to create a service that is as user friendly as possible in today’s ever changing technological landscape. From our CEO all the way down to our stellar customer service staff, we all are focused on […]

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