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1. Snapshot of Eyepartner History 1996 through 2011

When we started Eyepartner in 1996 the business plan was focused on designing and building web applications for customers. Early on, the company soon realized that the industry was moving towards video delivery and rich media solutions. The company shifted focus to streaming video. In 2001, using Macromedia Flash, Eyepartner delivered a community broadcasting portal with live video streaming, interactive chat and VOD content.

Since then, Eyepartner has evolved product lines including, but not limited to, launching an h.264-based HD broadcaster The HD Wave (patent pending) and Mobile Streaming applications. So far 2011 is proving to be a monumental year for Eyepartner during which time the company developed and launched new products including its HD Broadcaster, The HD Wave v 2, a fully software based, “white label” solution available to OEM and network owners. The company also made it possible for network owners to integrate 3rd party broadcasters into the TikiLIVE platform.

The Eyepartner team is looking forward to an even brighter future. Eyepartner plans on meeting industry challenges every day by staying creative and utilizing the latest technology to build cutting edge solutions to meet their customers’ expectations. One such challenge has been combining Adobe Flash with Microsoft Silver Light to provide the end user with a seamless transition between the content originating from the competing technologies. New streaming networks shall be established this year to include a Hong Kong location.

Being a self-funded private company, Eyepartner is very keen on growth and profitability. Tim Green has lead Eyepartner’s steady growth even in such a challenging time for its competitors. Eyepartner has experienced profitability and increases in license sales, custom development as well as hosting services since the company opened.

The future could not look brighter for Eyepartner due to investments and breakthroughs within the R&D lab and is positioned for explosive growth.

2. Opportunity Overview

The market for internet SD and HD video delivery is exploding and Eyepartner is at the epicenter of the latest trends. Eyepartner builds tools and technologies that support the delivery of H.264 video, the latest emerging standard, and in the live delivery and internet television segment, Eyepartner has breakthrough technology that supports HD delivery.

Of the many technologies Eyepartner has developed a TCP/UDP transport technology that is unique to the market. This allows for optimization of high quality HD streaming video transfers across the Internet. This technology solves the challenges of dropped frames. Eyepartner has developed this technology to meet the needs of smooth high definition streams using the worldwide internet. Please find official Patent Pending letter to accompany this document.

In addition to building the best HD broadcast streaming tools, Eyepartner provides complete solutions to customers including custom video centric portals and websites, many that offer delivery of pay-per-view and pay-per-minute models for monetizing premium content. Eyepartner completes the solution by being a full service streaming media hosting provider. The full service approach creates high Average Revenues per User (ARPU) in addition to stickiness, which drives long term monthly recurring revenues. Eyepartner is experiencing explosive growth and is raising capital to support that growth.

In spite of a global recession, the market for internet video has grown rapidly. Nielsen reports 14.5 Billion video streams viewed in January of 2011, which represents growth of 31.5% over January 2010 and viewing time is up 45% at an average of 279 minutes . New habit patterns are being established evidenced by the records being set regularly for audience size at live events. Events exemplifying these online viewing patterns include the record crowds watching the Monday playoff at the 2008 Masters Golf Tournament and those watching the 2008 Summer Olympics online. The most spectacular example was the Presidential Inauguration in January 2009, which broke all previous records for live audience size on the internet. In addition to the record audience, for the first time in 2008 live HD video was delivered online as well.

Combined, the explosion in both the quantity and quality of video delivered is presenting a unique opportunity for Eyepartner (Eyepartner, also “The Company”) to build out the tools and solutions for the internet delivery of HD video. The products are superior because Eyepartner is one of the first companies to embrace H.264 encoding and bring products utilizing H.264 to market. H.264 is rapidly becoming the standard format for internet video delivery. In the past year it has been sanctioned by Adobe and Microsoft. In addition to becoming the standard on PCs, it is already the standard for many devices including set-top boxes, and game consoles, and will be the standard for internet connected TV’s as well. Recently, H.264 became the standard for the Apple iPhone and it is rapidly being adopted on many other next generation mobile phones and PDAs.

3. Business Overview

Eyepartner, Inc. has achieved a significant level of success as a debt free, software development and hosting company. Eyepartner achieved its success by deploying and hosting rich media enterprise broadcasting software and providing first in class hosting to its clients. Strategically designing and deploying its technologies on the Adobe Flash (Flash) platform, the Company is closely aligned with Adobe Systems and participates in all pre-release programs that are offered for Flash.

Eyepartner has a clear strategic advantage when it comes to software development. A highly skilled team of software developers based in Romania gives Eyepartner a unique cost advantage. Thirty plus developers strong, the team can either grow or contract based upon workload and product priorities. This flexibility is also what has enabled Eyepartner to manage both custom development projects and simultaneously build standard products for the mass markets.

Along the way, Eyepartner has created several enterprise and ASP solutions. With over 200 client applications deployed, Eyepartner annuitizes its offers with a full service hosting solution and superb customer support. In less than two years time, Eyepartner continues to grow annualy through organic growth, and has been cash flow positive since inception.

The elements above place Eyepartner in the unique position to compete and capture sizable market share in a competitive, yet rapidly growing market.

4. Eyepartner Solution

Eyepartner generates revenues from three distinct bases or categories. They are:

Licensing Software Products
Custom Development Projects
Global Rich Media Hosting Solutions

One of Eyepartner’s key differentiators is that the Company leverages proprietary technologies that are under ongoing development to create advanced internet video solutions for customers. In doing so, Eyepartner controls a significant portion of the value chain which results in a higher quality, lower cost solution for the end customer.

a) Proprietary Technology

Eyepartner strategically invested in H.264 encoding and HD streaming at a very early time. Now that Flash has adopted H.264, which is standards – based, there is significant opportunity to invest in that technology, which Eyepartner has done, in order to capture future market share. Eyepartner’s optimizations ensure that the highest video quality is delivered at the lowest possible bitrate. Further, Eyepartner could be the only company capable of offering a client side, software-based encoder, The HD Wave, capable of encoding 720p and 1080p HD video in real time. This means a PC based solution without expensive custom hardware can encode and stream live HD quality video – a true breakthrough!

b) Video Workflow

Even when engaged in custom development projects, Eyepartner builds solutions at the component level. What this means to the customer is that the website or video platform built for them is easy to maintain and improve. As components are revised and enhanced, the customer can easily be upgraded. The advantage to Eyepartner is that these same components become the basis of new products that the company resells. Therefore approximately 75% of the R&D for new products is funded by custom projects previously developed for customers. This fact equates to significant net margin potential as Eyepartner capitalizes on the future growth of web-based streaming media in HD.

The Company is positioned prominently in a market that is experiencing rapid growth today. Eyepartner’s primary solution focus is on the enablement of websites with high quality video delivery, including both live streaming video and video on-demand (VOD). On-demand videos are those that are produced and transcoded and then uploaded to a CDN for delivery via a player such as Flash or Silverlight. When the content libraries are large, an asset management solution comes into play that enables search and selection via keywords and thumbnails. Eyepartner has products and components that cover every aspect of the workflow for internet video publishing.

Typical workflow for Video On Demand (VOD)
Edit/Produce Transcoding Upload/Manage Player/Browser CDN Delivery

While Eyepartner has an excellent platform for VOD, the company truly excels at live HD video production and delivery. The challenge faced with live video is that any latency or delays means that the quality will suffer, causing pauses, dropped frames, etc., and ultimately a poor viewing experience. One of the methods in which Eyepartner excels is by controlling as much of the live workflow as possible, with the exception of the “last mile delivery” which is the responsibility of the consumer’s ISP. Eyepartner has built components that work together at each stage of the live delivery workflow, ensuring the best possible performance at the highest level of quality.

Typical workflow for on Live Video
Live Capture Live Encode Publish to CDN CDN Delivery Internet TV Portal

c) Custom Development Projects

Eyepartner has a history of developing quality video streaming projects, portals and websites for a variety of end user customers. Eyepartner combines custom website development and the use of pre-built tools and widgets to complete the projects. The prebuilt tools are licensed to their customers.

d) Eyepartner Products

Whereas Eyepartner has undertaken a number of custom development projects, the greatest potential for revenue and profit upside lies in the Eyepartner products that are packaged and ready for mass consumption. Many of the products below are hosted and delivered via SaaS.


An entire “live” community – based platform for both live shows and recorded VOD episodes. TikiLIVE is the first of its kind platform perfectly suited to any special interest group that places a value on building community around shared video experiences. The TikiLIVE platform is perfect for online video gaming communities, sports leagues and hobbyists. For premium content, TikiLIVE also supports pay-per-view programming. www.TikiLIVE.org for more info.

Streaming Base

A live meeting and presentation package that features high quality live video. Although this space is very competitive, Streamingbase distinguishes itself by being highly configurable and customizable. While the competitors have focused on the enterprise market with primarily direct sales, Streamingbase is geared toward a multi- channel approach which leverages the branding and configuration flexibility inherent in the product. Please see www.Streamingbase.com for more info.


JamOnCam is comprised of a live video chat portal that supports both pay-per-view (PPV) and pay-per-minute (PPM) models. It is perfect for consultants, lawyers, accountants, IT pros or subject matter experts who typically bill for time. Please see www.JamOnCam.com for more info.

Monster Encoder

Monster Encoder is a desktop or hosted solution which provides an encoding service SaaS (software as a service) to companies who would like to encode raw video to H.264 or transcode existing videos to many popular output formats. Encoding/Transcoding is often offered as a convenience to Eyepartner’s hosting customers, but anyone requiring video conversion is a potential customer. Please see www.MonsterEncoder.com for more info.

Details of various other products and projects that Eyepartner has developed may be found at their products page. Each product has detailed cut sheets that explain their value propositions. Please see www.eyepartner.com/products for the full list.

Eyepartner Blog News is called www.TheHDStandard.com. We use this blog area to announce new the new developments and achievements Eyepartner’s newest developments.

e) Eyepartner Gobyt.com Hosting Services

Hosting revenues make up approximately 30% of Eyepartner’s revenues today. The hosting solution typically is an adjunct service to the custom development projects that Eyepartner contracts for. Hosting streaming servers like Adobe FMS and Wowza require unique expertise that a typical web hosting provider usually does not have. In this role, Eyepartner occupies an important niche with a solution that bridges customers who start with a hosted website and evolve to full CDN delivery, which Eyepartner has contracts to resell. The ability to offer a completely holistic offering to the market that not only spans software and custom development, but also solutions oriented global hosting services is a key ingredient of Eyepartner’s ability to competitively differentiate itself in the marketplace. Please see www.Gobyt.com for more info.

5. Management

The Eyepartner management is lead by Mr. Tim Green, Founder CIO. Mr. Green brings over 25 years of software architecture, sales and marketing experience to the Company. He has successfully designed and launched 15 products since Eyepartner’s inception. Mr. Green’s disciplined approach has generated positive cash flows the past four years while enabling the company to remain debt free.

6. Company structure

Close look of the Eyepartner development team

Our solutions range from IT Services that empower the enterprise, Product Development to realize your development vision or Business Process Outsourcing. Our services are designed to maximize the return and minimize the risk of outsourcing your critical IT and business operations. We try to meet your outsourcing needs by offering a full range of services.

Product Design and Development

Our product development services are specially designed to assist software product companies through all phases of a product’s life cycle. These services include the design and development of new software products, re-development, re-engineering and maintenance of existing products, and global implementation and rollout support for existing products. Whether your need is for a complete software product development effort or for a couple of device drivers, Eyepartner stands ready to put our resources to work for you. By combining your products with our deliverables, you can reach the market faster, offer a more complete product mix and thereby increase your revenue.

Our Application Development

Our Application Development services include the design and development of new applications and redevelopment/re-engineering of existing applications. Our approach is to work with customers to define comprehensive technical solutions, combining business and industry knowledge with technology to meet business objectives. Our global service delivery model and well-defined development methodology enables us to provide quality solutions, accelerated delivery and significant cost savings to customers around the world.

Our Application Maintenance

Although older application systems remain the heart of your IT infrastructure, maintaining such systems has become extremely time-consuming, expensive and risky. The complexity of managing enterprise information systems is forcing IT departments to devote a significant portion of their budgets and staff to day-to-day maintenance of these systems. It is estimated that 80% of current IT budgets are devoted to maintaining existing systems. It just doesn’t make sense to dedicate top development talent for maintenance. Turn to Eyepartner for a complete solution to your application maintenance needs.

Applications Migration

Whether the development toolset is at the desktop or on the Internet, Eyepartner is equally capable of developing and implementing application migration projects on time and within budget. Our Application Migration services include migration/re-engineering of applications from existing platforms to newer ones and from older legacy technologies to newer open technologies. We use a wide range of tools and techniques on a variety of platforms to develop flexible, scalable solutions that will help you achieve your strategic business objectives.

Other Services

Full Product Testing Cycle
Performance Testing and Tuning
Component Design and Integration
Software and Documentation Localization

Our Methodology

Our methodology captures many of the best practices of software development, including developing software iteratively, managing requirements, using component-based architectures, continuously verifying software quality and controlling changes to software. This disciplined approach to development ensures the production of high quality software that meets the needs of its end users within a predictable schedule and budget.

Eyepartner has extensive expertise in:

Object Oriented Models
Prototyping Models
Proof-of-Principle Prototype

Our Quality Assurance

Eyepartner has implemented a Quality assurance system where we ensure the quality of the processes for Design, Development, Testing, Integration, Maintenance, Optimization, Conversion and Porting of software applications.

The Quality System documentation indicates personal responsibilities to quality procedures and instructions, and internal and external audits are systematically planned, supervised, and carried out. We are continuously improving the Quality System by using the latest optimization methods, including statistical techniques.

Our Project Management

Eyepartner’s methodology is integrated with our proprietary Project Management product – “PLANNING”. This product is a common interface into key deliverables, resource management, team messaging, project related documents and files, bug-tracking and build-control. When deployed and used, all project resources unify under a common methodology. This helps avoid common roadblocks to communication and project success.


Our testing methodology includes:

Software Quality Assurance (QA) and testing
SSystems testing
Requirements compliance testing
Test plan development
Individual feature, functionality testing
Performance testing
Code quality testing
Interoperability testing
Integration testing
Acceptance testing
Regression testing
Fault tolerance testing
System capacity testing
Compatibility testing
With other software & hardware components
With software versions (backward, forward)

We also perform detailed testing for internet/intranet sites running multi-threaded applications. This implies testing of page content, communications interfaces, back-end server processes, including ASP, applets, servlets, plug-ins, ActiveX components, and CGI-bin. Tests are performed on customer specified networking equipment & environments.

Infrastructure and Security

Depending on the sensitivity of the project information and the services within, different types of restrictions have been imposed so that our clients can be absolutely certain that their data, systems and processes, and other confidential information, including IPRs (Intellectual Property Rights) do not get circulated, inadvertently or on purpose. Eyepartner has deployed a complete intrusion protection solution designed to detect, prevent, and react to unauthorized activity throughout the network, including firewalls, address assignments and antivirus solutions.

Business Models

We look at ourselves as a partner to our clients and not just another vendor. We understand your time pressures and cost constraints. Consequently we strive to provide you with a wide range of flexible Business Models.

Eyepartner uses a flexible pricing structure which is optimized for each partner. The underlying desire is to tailor our offerings such that they best suit our client’s unique needs and optimally achieves their objectives, thereby establishing a mutually beneficial association. Our pricing models are comprised of flexible and highly efficient onsite/offsite/offshore teams that we can offer through the following pricing schemes:

Fixed Price Model

Our fixed price model is the preferred approach when the client’s needs and deliverables are specified and the project path is well defined within a time frame and budget.

Time and Materials Model

Clients opt for this model when the scope and specification of the project is not defined in an explicit manner. This model offers a quick turnaround for instances where building a dedicated team is not feasible.

Dedicated Offshore Technology Center

In this model, Eyepartner reserves resources, equipment and infrastructure exclusively for the customer. In essence, Eyepartner builds a virtual team for the client, allowing the client to leverage the talent pool and project management expertise of Eyepartner, in a cost effective way. We extend our clients engineering organization while keeping overheads to a minimum. Eyepartner takes care of details such as recruiting, setup, and ongoing operations – while the client maintains control of the people and projects.

A dedicated offshore technology center offers you the following advantages:

Long-term dedicated core team
Optimal utilization of resources across multiple projects
Instant access to Eyepartner functional and technical expertise
Access to Eyepartner methodologies
Increase in business efficiency

Programming languages
C / C++, C#
Flex / FLash
Microsoft Silverlight

Server-side environments

Scripting languages

Servers & Databases
Apache Web Server (Jserv, GNU Jsp and Tomcat)
Microsoft Commerce Site Server
Microsoft BackOffice (Internet Information Server – IIS, Proxy Server, System Management Server – SMS, MS Exchange Server, MS Transaction Server – MTS)
Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle and Universal Database Server
Adobe Flash Media Interactive Server
WowZa Media Server

Meta languages
Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), Dynamic HTML (DHTML), SGML, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL), Scriptlets, CSS, DTT